Saturday, October 29, 2016

Seed Heads in the Sunlight

A simple drawing of a local Sequim barn on Bell Bottom Road.

The two tone sky in a light wash.

premixed colors

Added the mountains and the dark, muted field grasses.

Painting large, variegated pieces of the barn.

Darkening and adding shapes to the foreground and adding details to the barn.

Adding vibrant trees behind the barn; started with raw umber and dropped in green and burnt sienna.

- and now the pastel -

Seed heads in the shade.

Seed heads in the sunlight!  I love to read, leave one please.


  1. How wonderful and you make it seem so simple. I certainly did not do as careful of under painting. Back to the drawing board.

  2. Outstanding how the yellow seed heads pop against the purple barn (contrast of complementary colors). The way you used scarlet as a background and then covered it with pastel is interesting. You darkened the lightest value in the lower picture -- the dandelion heads in the foreground -- to focus on the mid-ground. That changed the balance of the composition.