Thursday, December 20, 2012

Calla Lilies and Peonies

Starting with a line drawing, I masked out the areas that were to remain light or white.  I also use the mask to act like a dam between colors like the lavender mountains and the white calla lilies.

The first washes are light; I think of them as place holders and use this first layer to tie things together.

Secondary washes begin to add the mid value shapes.

I have underpainted the pink peonies with a warm orange to make them warmer and more
harmonious with the predominant yellows and greens in the piece.

Finally the darkest darks and the details.  Sorry that the sidelight I used from the window for this last photograph shows the undulations of the paper....I did stretch it, but some of the staples hold more firmly than others so I get a little pucker action which I will iron out later.
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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Red Barn in Sequim at sunrise and Painting Shiny Things

This is the loose wet in wet watercolor under painting; the white areas are masking fluid
which both act as a dam between wet colors and reserving white and light areas for later.

This is a lovely 'old style' barn in Sequim; it's being remodled into either a shop or a home and I wanted to paint it before it was too 'fixed up'.   I love this place - I hope it shows in my work!

After taking Paul Jackson's workshop, I feel my watercolor painting has jumped ahead.  His hints and tips showed us that there is no reason to fear watercolor - almost everything can be corrected....thanks Paul!
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